About Us
My (Doug) career started with enlisting in the US Navy. I was an Engineman there for 4 years. I worked on propulsion units, AC, electrical generators, and loved it. I left there after 4 years.

I then went to work at a Chrysler Dealership for the next 15 years. I was "Master Certified" including certified in Diesel & Transmissions.

We started our own business in 2010. We went out on our own in February 2015 and we have taken all of our knowledge --good and bad-- and applied it to our shop. Incorporated in 2019, we know how to go the extra mile and it always pays off in one way or another.

We treat people how they themselves would want to be treated... this of course is a lost artform in today's day in age. 

Doug and Genna Tardif